Hello World…

Well I’m online – again!  I originally tried starting a regular blog 10 years ago – 10 years! In fact, this blog is mostly a cut-and-paste from my old blogspot.com site. As tech savy as I like to think I am, the whole web site/blog stuff seemed a little scary to me.  But the process is much simpler now and I am 100% ready to give it a go.

So what can you expect from this site?

Well those that know me know that I am ALL about teams.  I remember a colleague back when I was teaching at Lethbridge College joked “you can always tell when Craig has been in a room – there are circles drawn all over the white board.”

And that’s exactly what this site will be about.  Circles and dots! Or more precisely, teams/communities and the individuals (dots) that build, develop and support them.

So as I continue to develop my take on high performance organizations, I’ll be reviewing ideas from my past, honing new theories, posting cool stuff and generally putting it all out there. Well here.

I hope you enjoy the journey,


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